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These are trades made for our own account and are not intended to be trade recommendations.

$24,000.00 per year
Limit 40 traders

What we do:
From 6:00 am til 4:15 pm EST
We call our actual trades for the E mini on a
conference call. Our live charts are available
for an additional charge. Also
a CD disk on how we trade the E-mini.

Eugene Steele
Registered Financial Engineer

How we do it:
We use 1/8ths Gann lines and the Standard Deviation Channel to trade the trends on a 1 min chart. Our goal is $1000 gross on trading one contract. The high number of trades for an entire day would be 6. We pay Commissions of $10.

Trading Rules:
We buy at the Bid and sell at the Ask, in fast moving markets we buy or sell at the market. We are often in the market and selling or buying two contracts after our initial position to reverse.

What you will hear:
Buy 2 or sell 2.Join the bid. Take the ask. Hit the bid. Join the Ask. Profanity. Generally there will be little other conversation. You can only listen and we suggest a head set.The first day just listen.

Our Guarantee:
If we do not make more than you pay us excluding commissions you will not be charged for our service. Long distance call charges are paid by you and are not refundable.Average cost 5 cents a min.

What you do:
The day before the conference by 8 pm EST you must have e-mailed us with your name to confirm a space and paid. The day of the conference you should be by your phone by 805 am EDT. We will e mail you the instructions with your pin number. You will be asked to announce your name when you call in. If at any time more than one person per pin is present trading is stopped.

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